Central Florida Horse Properties

If you’re searching for Orlando area horse property for sale within driving distance of numerous show facilities – you’re in the right place. Florida’s uniquely mild winters make it the ultimate destination for equestrians across the globe and bring world-class horse shows to the state. With Wellington, Ocala, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami all being within a reasonable driving distance from Orlando (and surrounding areas), there are shows for every level and discipline readily available. If showing isn’t your thing, you’ll take comfort knowing you’re near several top-level professionals in horse training, buying, selling, and equine health care.

Finding your next Equestrian home can be challenging given the unique nature and the inability to search “zoned for horses” on the more commonly used real estate websites like Zillow and Realtor.com. It helps to work with an agent familiar with the zoning requirements and knowledge about where to find horse-friendly property.

Whether you plan on staying year-round, or you’re looking for a secondary location just for the winter, Courtney Bass + Co. can help you find exactly what you need. Not only a trusted name in luxury residential real estate, but also highly experienced in the equine industry, Courtney is uniquely qualified to assist you in your search for the perfect equestrian property. From horse-friendly neighborhoods to small farms, and even land zoned for a commercial equine facility, Courtney Bass has the knowledge, dedication, and attention to detail to make your dream of owning a central Florida horse property a reality.

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